cafe nouveau, lessons & a new decade

happy spring time. my tulips are blooming a bit early as nature tricked us all with an early spring. as march roars in i reflect about entering  my fourth decade amidst this great world. man, time slides. i’m gonna try to post more on this blog. starting with this one. 

i’m playing with a couple of great musos in a gypsy jazz setting. chris luther (g) and alex chayman (v).  in the spirit of the hot club scene of 1940’s france, cafe nouveau is swingin’! enjoy the link below. 

cafe nouveau – boheme swing.
i am as always, still teaching lessons. in home, my home, or via skype. hit me up if you or someone you love is interested.
i hope all is well. more soon. 



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guitar lessons via skype

Since we migrated down to Manhattan Beach, the usual worries of finding a new studio of students have subsided. Enter Skype lessons. Most of my students in Marin were kind enough to take a digital chance at continuing their music education through this neat modern medium. I am of course still available for analog lessons, but the effortless motions through the process of Skype have been quite enjoyable. No one has to commute and lessons can take place anywhere, at any time. I could go on and on about the pros and cons of online guitar lessons versus on person, but I’ll end with a quote from a parent describing guitar lessons via skype. ‘Ah, the miracle of modern life. I’m on a train to Philly organizing guitar between Mill Valley and LA!’ 


Enjoy the link below. 

kevin eubanks with a green sweater